Who am I?

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Hi, To all who may read this.

My name is Veronica Gilkes.

I am a freelance writer and blogger, I am starting this blog to help people with their problems.

Whatever problems you may have with regards to writing or blogging or technology, I will help you and if I don’t know the answer, I will find out.

It’s pretty overwhelming to put a post out to millions of people, and you just don’t know how they will react. But you have to keep going.

Not everyone will like you or what you say, but you have to keep on trying, someone somewhere will like what you have to say, and also what you can do for them, that is the most important thing, what you can do for them.

Can you make them money?

Can you solve their problem?

Can you get their business in front of millions of eager fans?

Who will be only too happy to want to be in business with the company?

It’s all about keeping your clients happy, if you can keep them happy then you have a life long client that you can easily work with.

So do your very best, do more than your best and you will have happy clients that are only too happy to pay you for your services.

Blogging is not just about money though, you have to enjoy it because if you don’t it will show in your writing.

And that will not be good.

Show the joy of your writing, and you will have clients coming back for more, and then they will pass on your writing to others that they know in the business and soon you will have so much work that you will need to hire others to help you out.

Before you know it, you will have your own business up and running and keeping clients and your fans very happy.

Give them 110% go the extra mile, and you will have work for many years to come.

You should always make sure that you put your clients first, it has to be about them.

Veronica Gilkes.


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